unpaid wages or overtime

does your company owe you pay?

Employers must abide by specific state and federal regulations when paying employees for their work. Employees who are not paid properly may seek legal redress in individual or class action claims against their employers. If your employer did not pay you the amount you are entitled to for straight or overtime wages, or if you were not paid minimum wage, immediately contact an experienced and knowledgeable wage and hour employment attorney

Overtime refers to hours worked over eight hours in a day, 40 hours in a week, or six days in a work week. Generally, any nonexempt employee who works overtime hours is legally entitled to overtime pay. California employers are obligated to pay overtime to any eligible worker, even if the overtime hours were not authorized by a supervisor. Many employees, especially those in managerial, administrative, and other similar executive positions, who are paid salaries rather than hourly wages are exempt from overtime pay. However, the fact that you are paid a salary does not necessarily mean that you are not entitled to overtime pay. Also, many employers intentionally misclassify employees to avoid paying overtime to them even though they would otherwise be entitled to the benefits. Contact us immediately If you are unsure whether you are covered by the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Don’t Let Wage and Overtime Issues Go Unaddressed

Don’t let wage and overtime issues go unaddressed. If you think your rights have been violated, contact Yoon Law, APC today. Our team of expert employment law specialists are ready to assist you with the expert legal assistance you need to bring your dispute to a successful close.

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