Inaccurate Pay Stubs

Do your pay stubs not match up?

In the state of California, pay stub violations are treated very seriously. A pay stub must provide an employee with specific categories of information to ensure the employee can accurately identify the employer and pay information.  If your employer does or did not accurately do so, you may be entitled to legal damages, and our team of experts in employment and labor law is here to help you.

Per California law, employers are required to make nine essential pieces of information available to employees in the form of a detachable pay stub, or itemized statement, every time an employee receives his/her wages. Specifically, the pay stub must include EVERY ONE of the following items stated and shown on the sample pay stubs below, or the employee may seek monetary penalties:

  1. Gross wages earned

  2. Total hours worked, including rest break time and waiting time for piece rate employees. (not required for salaried exempt employees)

  3. The number of piece-rate units earned and any applicable piece rate if the employee is paid on a piece rate basis

  4. All deductions (all deductions made on written orders of the employee may be aggregated and shown as one item)

  5. Net wages earned

  6. Start date and end date of the pay period

  7. The name of the employee and the last four digits of his or her social security number or an employee identification number other than a social security number

  8. The name and address of the legal entity that is the employer

  9. All applicable hourly rates in effect during the pay period, and the corresponding number of hours worked at each hourly rate by the employee (Regular Hourly Rate, Overtime Rate, Double Overtime Rate, and every other rate must be SEPARATELY LISTED and all hourly pay must be identified separately from piece rates for time spent waiting or performing work not paid at piece rates.)

Fighting for Accurate Pay Stubs

If you have any suspicions about your pay stubs, contact the experienced attorneys at Yoon Law, APC. Our excellent team of attorneys, well-versed in employment law, is standing by to answer your questions and provide the sound legal advice you need today.

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