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Missed meal or rest breaks

consistently missing Meals or Breaks?

At some point in our jobs, we have all worked through lunch or missed our breaks. When your employer makes it clear that it’s part of their “unofficial” performance policy, though, they are breaking the law. Many employers think that a salaried employee can (and should) work through lunch or other breaks. Under California law, though, salaried workers (just like hourly employees) are entitled to eat lunch and take breaks during their workday.

The opportunity to take a meal break lasting at least 30 minutes must be provided to all nonexempt California employees who work more than five hours in a day.  During this time, the employer must relieve you of all work-related duties and allow you to leave the work site. The meal period must be provided before an employee completes their fifth hour of work.

Many workers routinely work through lunch and breaks. If you are getting the sense that it is expected of you, or your boss expresses frustration that you want to take your legal meal or coffee break, your employer is violating your rights. Talk to one of our experienced class action trial lawyers. If you have a legitimate complaint, chances are your other co-workers feel the same way. You may be part of a group certified to claim compensation as part of a class action.

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If you have a situation at work where you’re not being provided break times, or aren’t being paid for break times that should be paid, you need to speak to one of our qualified employment law attorneys at Yoon Law, APC. We’ll help you understand the legal rights and options in your specific situation, and, if any violations of the law have been committed, we are fierce in fighting for our clients’ rights.